Anxiety versus ease

When you are at ease with who you are, the pathway of awakening opens for you
That’s Right! I trust the processes of life
Stress is a great indicator that the mechanisms of the ego are engaged. Thought creates anxiety. Worries arise… “Am I doing the right thing??”
When you are living your truth, there is no question. Even challenging situations and choices feel empowering. You can walk in your integrity, do your best and accept what is without reservation.
No matter where you are on the journey, turn inward periodically and observe how you feel. Imbalance is held within the body and can act as a barometer – tension in the shoulders may indicate that you are taking on too much responsibility, a clenched jaw may point to resentment or anger and general anxiety shows that you don’t trust the processes of life.
Today my intention is to keep my understanding clear. I am willing to flow with the changes of life
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