Enter into stillness


There is strength in silence.

“True silence can only be found when you move inwards. It exists in your very interiority. Then it has infinite depth and infinite height. It is immeasurable. And to know it is to know all.”

Silence is more than the absence of noise. It is an inner communion with peace and awareness. In the stillness we become open to receive and it is within that gap of ‘no mind’ that we can touch the infinite.

Our current experience of the world is one of bombardment – a blend of sound, marketing, opinions, expectations and ego-driven thought. Our senses are often overwhelmed. Many spend each day running to accomplish many self-imposed tasks while neglecting the one thing that truly matters – grace.

Create pauses throughout your day to appreciate the beauty around you. Stop and breathe. Find something for which you can be grateful. Imagine joy flooding every aspect of your being. Touch the realm of limitless possibility and you will discover inner sacredness and beauty.
Today my intention is to be still.
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