Childlike innocence

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Now is the time to rediscover the magic of life.

“Enlightenment only grows in the soil of innocence. Innocence means childlike wonder, awe. The enlightened person is the one who is continuously wondering.”

For many, the joy of discovery is a forgotten language. They approach life with a seriousness that blocks the possibility of appreciating the wonders that are all around them. The filters of adulthood preclude the experience of wonderment and they look upon those who dance with delight as fools.

Yet, the fool is closer to enlightenment. Fully present, she brings a playful curiosity to her experiences. She sees the sacred in the trees, animals and the earth and plays with sparks of Divine energy.

Unlearn some of your seriousness. Spiritual awakening is finding the innocence of your true nature which lies hidden under layers and layers of conditioning and the weight of expectations.

A mind that is receptive, playful and relaxed is a mind that is open to inspiration and insight. Don’t try so hard – all you need to know is within you and it will make itself known when you are ready to receive.
Today my intention is to embrace life’s magic by being playful and open.


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