Bring light to the Now

Bring light to the present moment.
That’s Right! I am a channel for the light, love and laughter of the Divine

What type of energy do you bring to your interactions? In every situation we have an opportunity to bring the light of consciousness to the present moment, demonstrate compassion and sow seeds of kindness and acceptance.

Even when you are in solitude, your energy dictates the flow of experience you have with the Now. This is the moment of transformation. Use it to the best of your ability. Bring your spiritual awareness to your daily life. Let it flow through your thoughts, words and actions. This cultivates the beautiful aspects of your being that are ready to shine.

When you can be at peace wherever you are, it indicates that you have healed and released layers of old energy that no longer serves your growth. Emotional wounds are transformed into empowerment and joy becomes your natural state of being.

Each of us is a master in the process of awakening. Whatever experience arises is the one that is required for the next step of your growth.

Today my intention is to be the change I wish to see in the world.
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