Your soul’s purpose

All positive and fulfilling experiences are a reflection of the love you have for yourself.
That’s Right!

Your souls purpose is to awaken. That’s it – everything else is secondary. Those who have mastered self-love (agape) seem to find beauty everywhere. They view the world through a different filter and therefore have a different interpretation of life.

Notice any limiting thoughts that you may still carry, those deepest, darkest beliefs that enslave you. ….None of them are true. The human condition is to manage to our beliefs, albeit unconsciously. That’s the egos way of being able to say, “See, told you so. Here is another example…” and thus strengthen the energetic field around that belief.

Fortunately, each of us is equipped with the capability to shatter these barriers. The light of consciousness dispels the dark. The key is to purposely turn and face those fears so that your light shines upon them. The more aware you become, the easier it is to break free.

As you awaken, your interactions will become more empowered. Think of someone you admire. Their positive traits are a reflection of traits that you possess – that’s why you’re able to recognize them. With that in mind, bring those attributes to the surface and utilize them as often as you can. This is how you achieve self love and mastery.

Today my intention is to turn inward and nurture myself.
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