Being splendid and delightful

Don’t postpone your happiness.

I am joyously exuberant and in harmony with all of life.
~ Louise Hay~

Several years ago I worked customer service for a financial company. As you can imagine, most calls were fraught with anger, frustration or fear. Money can often trigger ego-generated issues regarding self-worth and safety so many people were in a heightened state during our transactions.

It was during this period that I discovered the value of being joyful and balanced while bringing a conscious awareness of how people easily attack or blame when frightened. In order to direct the energy of the call, I began each conversation as upbeat as possible. Many of you who have spoken with me have heard my standard response to someone asking “How are you?”…
“I am splendid and delightful!”

This was so disarming to someone who expected to hear the typical, “Fine, and how are you?” that it pulled them to a higher level because my answer took them to a new script. Over time I discovered that no matter what unfolded in my life, I was authentically and consistently splendid and delightful. My words created my reality.

It’s important to remind yourself that nothing is more important than your happiness and every challenge contains a gift. Pay attention to your words. Choose to bring joy to every conversation. Don’t waste your precious energy complaining about life or expressing fear about the future. Rather, spend the day being splendid and delightful in every interaction and see where it leads you.

Today my intention is to give and live from the heart. My desire is to experience the fulfillment of expressing Oneness and kindness with whomever crosses my path.

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