Life is responding to you

All transformation begins within.

I create miracles in my wonderful world. I am open to the wonders of the Universe.  ~Louise Hay~

Pay attention to the repetitive circumstances that you experience. Life is a reflection of our innermost beliefs and expectations. These operate from subconscious levels and can often be challenging to recognize. Once you observe a pattern, drop all judgment around it and simply notice the various ways that it is woven throughout your life. The light of consciousness transforms all that it is shined upon.

Purposely choose to change the mental scripts that play in your mind. These habitual thoughts are nothing more than energy based upon past programming. As a conscious co-creator, you can purposely write a new story and create the life of your dreams.

“Expecting an epiphany – some single moment of insight that will forever banish the experience of fear, anger, neediness – may prevent us from noticing the slow and almost imperceptible ways spiritual practice subtly transforms us. With patience and perseverance, our habitual reactive patterns slowly erode, until one day we find ourselves in a situation that had always made us anxious – and we notice the anxiety is simply gone.” ~Ezra Bayda~

  Today my intention is to release anything that no longer serves my growth. Freedom and change are in the air.

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