Transformation and integration

It’s time to release the struggle and receive the flow of healing which can touch each and every area of your life. Holding an attitude of openness creates a space in which transformation can occur and there is great power to be discovered when we cultivate the art of acceptance. It allows us to rise above life’s challenges and integrate the fullness of who we truly are.

Transformation is desired when we seek to have a better life. It is a journey for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind and simply enter into the pure existence without boundaries and bring about tremendous spiritual awakening. This kind of approach allows you to focus and learn from your unique strengths, abilities and way of walking through life and changes how you respond to those around you. Every situation provides an opportunity to rise above the repetitive drama and challenges experienced by humankind.

The greatest adventure of our journey in this world is to consciously transform darkness into light. We begin to understand our potential and share that passion with those around us through our awakened outlook, words and actions . You can be the light that sparks new knowledge and inspiration in others. Light always illuminates the darkness.

You are the union between the Divine and the physical plane. Be a conscious witness to the perfection and beauty held within the contrasts of life. Celebrate all aspects of your awakening and allow the tapestry of your existence to be woven with love.

Today my intention is to be content and complete.

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