When lessons repeat in our lives…

Sometimes there are layers within layers of energy around a particular pattern or challenge. We feel that we’ve learned the lesson or integrated a new perception only to get hit by it again in another form. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t learning what you’ve intended to learn; however, it does indicate that more energy needs to be cleared around the issue. Use whatever you feel drawn to in order to aid you in this process – meditation, crystals, music, movement, energy work, etc.

Don’t give up on yourself or the processes of your awakening. Have faith in your abilities and the direction in which your higher Self leads you. Cultivating awareness will allow you to recognize when there are truly no more charges around a particular person, circumstance or topic and there will come a day when you realize that you have set yourself free.

One of the indicators of your transformation will be the effect you have on others. People may begin to respond to you differently, to enjoy being in your energy or look to you for clarity and advice. Each of us has the ability to become a light for those around us. As we transform, the world around us is transformed.

Today my intention is to open my heart to endless love and peace.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’m sure many of us wonder, “How will I know when I’m ‘there’?” I sure know I have. Because, just as you said above, you can feel like you’ve learned what you needed to learn from something, only to find out you didn’t…because the situation is continuing. A sure sign that you have more to learn from it! LOL

    Such has been the case with my 36-year-old son who has been living with me for the past 3 years. He moved in with me once before to help me out financially, then he lost his job; it turned out we needed each other, apparently! He was here for over two years. This time, after breaking up with his girlfriend of 6 years, whom he had been supporting, he didn’t have enough money to get his own place, so it was supposed to be only a temporary situation…he insisted he didn’t want to be here as long as the last time. But then just as he would have been moving out, he had to have some surgery. Another year went by I said to him, “Well, apparently we have more to learn from each other.” LOL And then he discovered he had ADHD and was put on medication, and wanted to get all that leveled out before he left. But I began to see he was making absolutely no movement towards leaving, and in fact, was balking at the idea. And I also knew that his personal issues affected me (It is very difficult to separate yourself from your children when you live with them!!)

    I finally made the decision to move out myself, and leave the house to him. Realizing and finally accepting that the house and yard and all that came with it was more than I could take care of any more, which was a difficult realization to come to for me, given that it was one of my joys — I knew that at my age, and given my limitations, I needed to focus the energy I had into what I COULD do. So I began preparing to move out.

    I also realized that I had been waiting for a couple of people in my life to come through with what they said they were going to do, and my own life had been put on hold because of it. I was really feeling “stuck” for a long time, and once I made the decision to get on with my life, everything started moving for me again. What a relief! Did I wait too long? Apparently not…I had to wait that long to realize what I had been doing (or not doing). I knew I had made the right decision — to move out and let go of the house — when the “miracles” started to happen again. 🙂

    • Wow – what an insightful solution! And it opens up all kinds of freedom for you, I’m sure. That is the difference between suffering and conscious suffering… the latter brings empowerment. Blessings to you dear friend 🙂

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