Suffering consciously

Think about all that you’ve learned so far on your spiritual journey – the tools of awakening you’ve tried and sometimes discarded, the basis of how you view your life, the facets of strength you have discovered as a result of facing challenges, the wisdom of surrender and acceptance, the power of gratitude. Looking back at my own journey, much of which was initially walked blindly and with a lack of consciousness, I see the perfection in every moment. I am grateful for the lessons and friendships I’ve encountered each step of the way.

What about those moments when gratitude seems far away? Sometimes we walk in darkness with the belief that all the tools we have cultivated have either deserted us or no longer work with the strength we were used to. But something is different this time around…. we’re conscious of the fact that we are suffering. We actively apply what we’ve learned or seek new ways to address whatever challenge arises with the knowledge that we’ll find a way to grow through the process.

That’s the difference between someone who has experienced awakening and someone who has yet to access the knowledge that lies underneath the drama. The conscious approach becomes something of a dance with the Divine, a tango of immense passion filled with talent, surrender and synchronicity. Lifetime after lifetime we perfect this dance. Spiritual awakening is a process and one that takes constant practice and application.

Mastery begins with knowing who you truly are beyond the mechanisms of the ego and what is witness on the physical plane. It is merely an inner connection that allows us to take full responsibility and share our light as we live from a place of integrity.

Today my intention is to see the beauty in the dance and walk with an open heart.

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