Whispers and small kindnesses

spring equinox

Let your life be a dance with the Divine.

“Our heartbeat is part of the universal heartbeat. And it is not a dead universe; it is immensely intelligent, conscious, sensitive. It is divine in its every dimension. But you have to learn participate in the dance.”

The dance comes alive when the dancers learn to communicate with the subtlest and tiniest of clues. To all outward appearances, the movements are synchronized and magical; however, it is merely the language of acceptance, surrender, trust and empowerment brought to life.

Recognize the gift of life itself. Choose to remain in awe of the beauty that surrounds you and your experience will be filled with joy and celebration. Sometimes the warmth of the sun or a breeze that caresses the skin will be enough to awaken our senses. We come home to ourselves when we approach each moment with wonder and awareness.

Today my intention is to listen.

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