Walk gently

Walk gently – you can discover life’s wonder and mystery wherever you are.

“Trust is yes. Knowing that this existence is our mother, that nature is our source and it can’t be against us, it can’t be inimical to us. Seeing this, understanding this, trust arises.”

Let your journey of consciousness reconnect you to the healing energy of mother earth. There are minor chakras located on the soles of the feet. Eac morning, visualize them opening to receive grace, direction, support and balance as you go about your day. As a child of light, know that you are loved, guided and protected each and every step of the way.

Experiences awaken our ability to discover the multi-layered facets of existence. Each is a stepping stone to creating a joyful, empowered life. This movement of awareness begins with gratitude and gentleness. All that you see is a spark of the Divine. Recognizing and honoring the sacredness of all life awakens the sacredness within you.

Today my intention is to live from the heart.



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