Happiness is just a thought away

Happiness is a choice…

“My new world is a reflection of my new thinking. It is a joy and a delight to plant new seeds, for I know these seeds will become my new experiences.”
~Louise Hay~ 

Empowerment means that you are ready to take responsibility for your own joy in this moment. When you no longer allow outside factors to control how you feel, you begin to set yourself free from the grip of unhappiness and desire. Your thoughts create your reality; therefore, consciously draw your attention to your inner dialogue and redirect it in positive ways as often as required.

The mind should be utilized as a tool rather than allowed free rein as a master of your experience. It does take some practice to break free from old habits, but you’ll discover that your awareness accelerates the process.

Gratitude is the most powerful tool we have to transform challenges into empowerment. Practice daily remembering that there is always more to learn. But most of all, remember this – happiness is a choice.

Today my intention is to choose to love life. I create joyful experiences.

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