Live with an open heart.
“I expect life to be safe and joyous. I attract all that is good.” 
~Louise Hay~

During times of transition, shifts in life’s circumstances or accelerated self-change, it’s important to learn how to keep one’s emotional responses moderate. Rather than complete immersion in the highs and lows (which can be exhausting!), consciously take a moment to observe yourself, knowing that true protection comes from acting with integrity, doing your best and accepting what is.

The Great Awakening…
On the path of transformation we periodically embark upon cycles of change and discover new aspects of our strength in the newfound freedom and liberation from outmoded beliefs and habits. When we take responsibility for creating the conditions of a particular situation, we move into a position of power. The more severe the disruption, the more significant the growth.
It’s important to be patient with your own progress. You will experience times of brilliance and times of frustration; however, it’s important to be true to your journey. Growth is always happening and what we experience in physical form is our unique expression of our soul’s growth.
Today my intention is to be willing to change with the times.
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