Gratitude creates a flow of energy that attracts limitless beauty into your experience.

“I give myself permission to be all that I can be, and I deserve the very best in life.” 
~Louise Hay~
Perception and attitude determine how you interpret the events of your life. One line of thought can bring joy and expansion while a slightly different perception can create conflict. Your level of consciousness determines how many options you have from which to choose.
As thoughts flow through your mind, observe how they make you feel. Without judgment, notice whether the body is at ease or tense. Pay attention to repeating ideas that seem to want to be noticed and bring yourself back to gratitude.
When we face the present moment with gratitude, the heart chakra opens. Life begins to present more and more when we see with clarity (unburdened by the ego). This allows challenges to transform into opportunities of growth. People, circumstances and events will fall into place in new and miraculous ways. You are a powerful co-creator. You can live the life of your dreams and choose to begin this moment.

Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred. I choose to breathe in the love, light and laughter of the Universe and express it here and now. 


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