Transcendent Empowerment

Transcendent Empowerment is created when one combines the mysterious depths of the soul with conscious wisdom and intention.

That’s Right! My life’s purpose is to awaken to my true infinite nature

Ego generated accomplishment calls upon us to focus our strength and abilities, create a plan and work hard to achieve our goals. As we grow in soul awareness, we discover that true power needs no force in order to manifest transformation. Conversely, we find that purposely stepping into the flow of universal energy creates ease and grace in our experience.

Some get lost in passivity, never realizing their role as a conscious creator. Seek to find a balance that creates passion, conscious action and acceptance and allow it to be expressed in every aspect of your experience.

Your expression of life is unique. Your skills, talents and inspiration are meant to be explored. When you reach a point of not knowing how to define yourself, when no title seems to apply, you’re on the right track. Release the habitual need to limit your experience by adhering to a particular role. You are eternal. You are love. Let your life be filled with infinite possibility.

Today my intention is remember that there is much more to life than meets the eye. I allow myself to be led by love.

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