Time and Now

Most people look at time in one of three ways: past, present and future; however time is only past or future, life is the present. Those who are unconscious will continue to repeat their patterns – an angry person will continue to get angry, a victim will find ways to feel victimized and so on. As we awaken to our divinity, we begin to discover that the past is merely a collection of memories, the future a series of dreams and Now is the place of fulfillment, discovery and joy.

Here, in this moment all things are possible. We can live, love and play outside of time in the immense stillness of consciousness. When you live with intention and awareness, the present moment transforms into something of your own creation.

Existence is ready to speak to you from the innermost aspects of your own being. That knowledge is infinite and limitless waiting just under the sounds of life and thought and memory. Seek out the answers that you carry, for in the stillness, all things are possible. You’ll know that you’re on the right track with you feel a harmony, a joining into wholeness – if their is discord, perhaps you have mistaken the voice of time for the inner voice of your own wisdom.

Today my intention is to be fully present, passionate and grateful as I remember to listen.

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