When we rise above thought, we enter the Bliss of Being.

Thought-stories come and go like clouds… seemingly there, but yet on close inspection are empty of meaning. Consciousness, like the sky, remains ever untouched, open, free and meaningless.
~Michael Jeffreys~

Over-active mind activity distracts from the ability to fully experience the beauty and potential of the present moment. While in the grip of obsessive thought, one can literally become lost within the labyrinths of the mind. Layers build upon one another until the truth of the soul is obscured by a self-made prison.

One sign of spiritual evolution is the ability to recognize unconscious behavior when it surfaces within you. Self awareness indicates that you are becoming more awake. As you perfect your ability to notice and shift the tenor of limiting thought, you will open pathways to healing and balance.

Be patient with yourself throughout this process. The more expanded your consciousness, the more subtle the ego will need to be… but it’s still just the ego, initiating thoughts that are visitors you can allow in or not, nothing more. You are the field of presence in which thought occurs – an infinite, beautiful soul in the process of awakening.


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