The world is a reflection

The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs.

I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired.
~Louise Hay~
Many people live by their own set of rules, restrictions and beliefs. You may hear a lot of “shoulds” in their chosen words, limits in what they expect to happen or logical steps they’ll have to navigate on their way to a new future. Thoughts become things. Whatever your belief, the Universe will provide it to you in the form of experience.
When we run across someone who lives life expansively, it’s an explosion of excitement, joyfulness and light. These people just seem to create powerful movement throughout their world… and the miracles arrive, one after another, after another.
The only difference between slow, troublesome movement and passionate intensity is the expectation and frequency at which someone chooses to experience life.
There are many ways to shift your frequency:
  • meditation or chanting
  • conscious breath
  • utilizing words and thoughts with high vibration
  • eating high vibration foods
  • nurturing the mind/body/spirit connection
  • gratitude
  • deliberate kindness
  • music
The more conscious presence you choose to bring to all aspects of daily life, the easier it becomes to remain centered at a high frequency. The energy we carry affects everything around us – consider yourself to be intertwined with the love of the Universe, expect a miracle (always!) and embrace whatever life offers… for blessings often come wrapped in the illusion of disappointment or challenge… and isn’t that often what makes life so exciting? It’s a joy to support one another in dynamic breakthroughs, overcoming the odds, discovering new abilities and living life with passion.
Today my intention is to make choices that raise my frequency. In our infinite Universe, there is still so much more to explore and discover and experience… and share.
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