The willingness to change

You are a unique, ever evolving expression of the Divine.

That’s Right! Every moment presents a wonderful opportunity to become more of who I am

Rather than seeking wisdom, drop the need to form and cherish opinions. Wisdom will then present itself. When you live beyond the mechanisms of the ego, Divine truths emerge naturally.

You are the light of consciousness. At this point on the path of awakening, you may be noticing when the ego arises more easily than in times past. The mind will tell you that you ‘should’ be more evolved by now, that an awakened being would be more loving or more conscious; however, that is just another story created by the ego. When you notice an imbalance and seek to adjust your thoughts or actions, you are actually becoming more conscious.

Higher vibration questions to pose in moments of challenge or indecision are “How can I bring love to this situation?” or “What attribute is this person reflecting to me?” Both approaches send the focus within and release all need to blame. Every experience that you have is perfect for your growth.

Today my intention is to be willing to grow and change. I am a lifetime student of love.

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