The Spiritual Path

“Your life, all of your life, is your path to awakening. By resisting or not dealing with its challenges, you stay asleep to reality. Pay attention to what life is trying to reveal to you. Say yes to its fierce, ruthless, and loving grace.”
Lessons will present themselves over and over until we no longer need them. The sheer repetitiveness of this process provides the opportunity to utilize the tools we have cultivated while recognizing our ability to overcome the challenges that arise. Eventually, the repetitive pattern dissolves and leaves our life experience. This is the indicator of a breakthrough.
The awakening spirit will often be in the midst of intense circumstances and suddenly realize they are facing the challenge more consciously than ever before. This surge of awareness brings with it a sense of gratitude, humor and empowerment.
Awakening is the process of releasing the things that block us from seeing clearly. Know that you are right where you need to be. Be patient with the pace of change you are experiencing because it’s likely far more profound than you realize.
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