The Sacred Spiral

“The biggest surprise on the soulful journey to authenticity, whether as a philosophy or a spiritual path, is that the path is a spiral. We go up, but we go in circles. Each time around, the view gets a little bit wider.”
~Sarah Ban Breathnach~

When we begin our journey on the path of transformation, the effects are very personal. Like a spiral, the changes start small and are initially felt as timid optimism, a spark of hope that ignites and flames into passion for life.

Then the energy begins to touch those around you – your family, home, close relationships… and all begin to shift to accommodate your growth. The spiral continues to expand. In an infinite Universe, there is no end to the energy that can be accessed, absorbed and shared.

Visualize yourself as the core of an infinite spiral of light. In quiet contemplation today, realize that you don’t have to know the specifics of the “hows” or where the journey will ultimately lead. Instead, focus on joy in the present moment. Allow each decision to fan the spark of optimism into the flames of passion. As the energy expands outward, awareness becomes a beautiful dance of experience.

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