“Maturity has nothing to do with your life experiences.
It has something to do with your inward journey, experiences of the inner.”

Our society places a lot of importance on multitasking. People seem to feel that there is great value in juggling a multitude of tasks and getting a lot of work done; but in doing so, we’re losing our sacred connection to the present moment. Stress diminishes both the quality and the effectiveness of what we do.

The infinite source of all life flows through each one of us. With that in mind, we can honor all things as sacred and give them our full attention. In every interaction, our role is to be there as a field of conscious presence. In this state of awareness, you’ll find it easier to operate from the frequency of acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm. Anything else means your focus is elsewhere and  that you should stop and bring yourself back into the present moment.

Presence is achieved by going inward and accessing grace. The ego disappears, the roles and life situations become transparent and only empowered silence remains. When you begin to realize that you are much, much more than the stories of the mind, you have planted the seeds of your own spiritual maturity.


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