The power of living from the heart

Yesterday, duck came to visit. He momentarily landed in the yard (seemingly to rest a moment) only to quickly be chased away by my not-so-zen doggies. As a creature who is at ease in the water, duck teaches us to be comfortable with our emotions. The highs and low of emotional responses are the epitome of our human experience.

Many people struggle due to their repressed emotions. No matter what type of baggage someone may carry, it seems to get triggered by the most innocuous of interactions. After a sudden storm of emotional reaction and intensity, both parties are left wondering just what happened.

It’s important to nurture yourself and create a sense of comfort within your own environment as well as with others of like mind. The energy of duck helps us to align with beauty and grace as we swim through the waters of emotional experience. Feel your feelings and process through them in healthy ways – this will help you to walk in a state of higher consciousness instead of reaction.

Ducks, after a squabble, will briefly shake their bodies, flap their winds and swim away calmly. This teaches us the power of release.

Today my intention is to honor the awakening which is experienced through an authentic connection to the present moment. I choose to live from the heart.
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