The pattern of growth


Everything we experience on the physical plane goes through the same process of growth – a seven step process called the septant growth pattern.

“The septant sets up long range patterns of growth – i.e. evolution into new forms. In other words the septant integrates the lessons learned in karma and develops the experience into higher more refined ways of being.”
~Jose’ Stevens~

As we walk the path of transformation, we encounter situations that break us free from limiting thoughts and habitual behaviors. When beginning a relationship or business, seeking to make changes in government, moving to a new locale or working on your spiritual growth, there are seven stages we all experience.
  • Growth, Incarnation (entering into something new)
  • Elimination, Disintegration, Decay (purging unnecessary stuff)
  • Stabilizing, Purifying, Refining (improvement, education, experience)
  • Corruption, Disease, Rebellion (illness, unfaithfulness, disaster)
  • Healing, Renewal, Adaptation (recovery, accepting change, rest)
  • Completion (lesson learned, finished product, transformation)
  • Neutrality (ready for something new, integration, remembering)
When we are able to complete all seven steps, we enter a new octave of energy. The lessons of the past are complete and we begin the process again at a higher level of consciousness.
Its helps to keep in mind that step four is a necessary aspect of all growth. We need the intensity of an unexpected shift in our experience to push us into new and unexplored aspects of our strength, and no matter how it appears, you have the ability to handle it.
Today my intention is to shift to higher levels of consciousness knowing that my point of view and experiences will reflect my new insights and wisdom.


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