Releasing expectation

When we release attachment and expectation, we are able to experience life as it is.

“When you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.”
~Mindy Hale~

Approach the present moment with a sense of completeness, openness and wonder. Rather than limit your experience with preconceived ideas, explore the Now through the filter of your energy as it is today. As you walk the spiral of transformation, even old, familiar circumstances can shift considerably based upon your new insight and wisdom.

The human condition is one of repetition because the mind tends to adhere to the known rather than seeking to explore the unknown. But what if you purposely sought to bring a new experience to the familiar? There will be new lessons and discoveries that await you.

Think of those who, while using a microscope, first discovered that seemingly solid surfaces are really teeming with life, energy and space. That experience and information had always been there, simply waiting for someone to shift their point of view. The life force of the universe is waiting to be discovered and it exists within everything and everyone. We just need to choose tosee more clearly.
Today my intention is to explore new perceptions.
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