The obstacle is the path

When faced with a challenge, choose to see it as a gift that will bring you greater understanding.

“Clinging to notions of how life ought to be, of what you want, of what you hate, always leads to suffering.”

~Ezra Bayda~ 
All of life has an ebb and flow that is natural and necessary. And yet, we have a tendency to believe that any problems that arise are obstacles on the journey or indicators that we’ve done something wrong. Everything in your experiences happens for you, not to you. There is no judgment, no punishment – only opportunities to discover the many facets of love and empowerment.

The inner critic may repeat a script that lays blame for any challenges at your feet; however, as an awakened spirit, you have the ability to see beyond these limiting beliefs to the joyful possibility of great breakthrough and transformation.

When fear arises, see how quickly you can change your thinking. Don’t expect life to always be easy and perfect, but do expect that you have the necessary skills to navigate whatever comes your way. Be present to life. Everything plays an important role on your journey of discovery. Testing periods are an opportunity to see our enlightenment and spiritual skills in action. Remember, you are loved and supported each and every step of the way.

Today my intention is to live a life of spiritual practice.

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