The obstacle is the path

All suffering is the result of the misguided belief that life shouldn’t be stressful or challenging.
That’s Right! Every situation offers me an opportunity to grow 
How much mental energy is lost through the usage of the word “shouldn’t”? When we experience the world without expectation or demands, we see the shimmering beauty of life. Looking through the filters of thought and expectation reveals only your thoughts – limiting beliefs that offer no room for something new to make itself known.

Enter the silence of your true nature through the gentle consistent choice of allowing life to be. Awakening requires turning away from the constant search for comfort and the endless avoidance of pain. True healing requires experiencing what arises when you require that life be other than what it is. Once you observe any resistance that arises, it begins to be transformed.

Today my intention is to remember that awareness is the first step of healing or changing. I am willing to see clearly.
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