The infinite value of compassion

The journey of your soul ultimately leads to greater compassion and understanding. After facing a challenge, we discover compassion for others who are going through similar upheavals in their lives. We may be called upon to offer assistance, insight or non-judgmental viewpoints and in doing so, we share the gifts of our discoveries. It takes many lifetimes to experience all that there is to experience on this planet. Older souls (even when they have no conscious memory of past lifetimes) tend to carry this sense of peacefulness and understanding with them – it is a natural by-product of the awakened soul. This is why strangers may often seek you out and share their life stories – your energy and wisdom makes you a compassionate listener.

In a world where so many feel unheard and struggle with inner pain and imbalance, the greatest gift that we can offer is our full attention, unconditional love and acceptance. Purposely ask yourself how you can bring compassion to the situations in which you find yourself today. Can you show love? Can you remain balanced while others around you slip into dysfunction? Can you see past the roles being played to the Oneness that binds us? Being aware and fully present takes conscious effort; however, the results are worth it – both for you and for everyone your life touches.

Today my intention is to walk in the light of love.

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