Letting go

Faith is about letting go and trusting. Fear is about clinging and protection. As we cultivate the art of surrender, we discover the ease and grace which comes from going with the flow of life. The world teaches that surrender is weak, it allows someone to get away with something, we have not proven our strength or conquered the situation. A higher point of view is that only those who can release the need to control are authentically aligned with their inner truth – surrender is the highest aspect of courage.

When we dance on the edge of the unknown, we demonstrate another aspect of faith. In the process of exploration, we release the need to maintain security knowing there is nothing to fear. The things that people struggle for are fleeting – fame, money, success, power – while the things gained by letting go are sublime – peace, graciousness, inner strength, love.

If you find yourself exhausted it means that your energy is being drained or wasted by too much effort. Seek the grace that is found in surrender and acceptance and allow things to unfold. This will open you to the mysteries which surround you. Let all that you choose to do be an expression of the Divine. Whether at work or play, allow your soul to be at ease in the Now.

Today my intention is to remember that life is happening all around me. I am willing to participate.

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