Teach by Example

“[Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
~Jim Henson~

The only way to teach truth is to consistently live it. Words are limiting and sometimes lessons fall on deaf ears or are simply misunderstood. When we become aligned with our soul’s purpose, the energy in us sparks new life into the energy fields of others.

Every one has the capability to become a master – whether in this life or a future one – and the soul is always moving forward on the path of enlightenment. Most people cannot see the potential of mastery within themselves and there is truly no way to “make” them believe it until a spiritual awakening occurs.

We have the opportunity to inspire, teach by example, and create space in which transformation can occur. When interacting with others, notice the ego and then choose to see past it. To the best of your ability, respond directly to the essence of the soul. How beautiful it is to create a field of energy that supports everyone in your sphere of influence to see his or her own unique light.

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