“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”     

There are many types of love to explore – the love for a spouse, a child, a friend, a lover – the scent of your favorite flower, enthusiastic doggy greetings, savoring the taste of an exquisite meal, dancing in the rain, beautiful moments of presence… the list is endless.

All that we observe is an outward expression of the love that begins within each one of us. Life’s reflection shows us where we are in relation to the Divine. Love expands our awareness of the Oneness we share. When you choose to fall madly in love with life, limitations disappear, resistance melts away and your energy expands with a passion and power that draws the beauty of existence to you.

Choose to view the world through the eyes of love today. Notice the way the light streams in through your window, appreciate the architecture or the craftsmanship you see, talk about the things which bring you joy, honor your body, your abilities, your passion… and then take it further by expressing gratitude for your challenges, celebrating the journey, your awakening and the unique light you bring to the world. In this moment, you can choose to let the magic of your life begin.

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