Be still.
That’s Right! I choose to be one with life

Be still. See through the incessant chatter of the mind. There is no need to solve any problem, to find the reasons why or fret about tomorrow. Step into the stillness of the present moment and allow life to unfold without any resistance.

You, as an empowered, infinite being, are here for a purpose. The journey is unique and each of us must ultimately walk it in our own way. The true mark of enlightenment is the ability to bring your spirituality and deeper awareness into the world of form. Then your conscious approach will enhance your life in miraculous ways.

The answers are already within you. In the stillness you can touch the Divine. Learn from all that you witness in your experience. Everything is here to aid you on your journey of awakening. Use it.

Today my intention is to see the sacred in everyone I meet.
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