Spiritual maturity

The expansion of wholeness brings the possibility of unlimited movement
That’s Right!  All of my life’s experiences have brought me to this moment of perfection 
Enlightenment is not about being blissed-out. Rather, it is the enchanting movement of inner peace expressed in the present moment. Enlightenment is being here Now, applying hard-won spiritual wisdom and maturity to everyday life. The end result is to to live without attachments – to let go, allow and accept what is.

When you can put the past behind you, the natural progression is the awakening of wisdom. How wonderful it is to dance through life with innocence and maturity. Even after all that has been experienced – the highs and lows, achievements and losses, celebration and struggle – the enlightened soul surrenders to the adventures that await.

Feed your spirit with things that nourish you. Treat your life and yourself as sacred and trust that the dynamism of your soul will guide you exactly where you need to be.

Today my intention is to celebrate this moment as sacred.

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