Be responsible for your own joy

This moment is filled with limitless possibility. How will you choose to experience it?
That’s Right! I begin my day with gratitude  
In our infinite Universe, there is more than enough room to experience whatever you wish. The energy that you send out into the world dictates what will return to you as well as the filter through which you view your life situation.Observe the energy you emit. It’s important to ensure that you bring joy, enthusiasm or acceptance to the present moment. If you cannot operate from that level of consciousness, pause and shift your thoughts or step away from the task until you can function from a space of balance. Nothing is more important than how you choose to experience the Now.

Your primary goal is to awaken. Everything else is secondary. When you operate from the higher levels of consciousness, life will rise up to meet you. This joyful celebration of life energy will bring you deeper into the present moment.

Today my intention is to remember that I am responsible for my own joy. All that unfolds is exactly what is required for my growth.

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