Soul Inspired Love

“In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived.
How well we have loved.
How well we have learned to let go.”
~Jack Kornfield~

Love is an inspired form of giving that breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.

Healing occurs when we drop ideas, beliefs, attachments and conceptual understanding and move fully into the experience of the present moment. Feeling the Now, rather than thinking or worrying in the midst of it, aligns us with the mysterious and infinite nature of life.
Soul-inspired love creates a sense of freedom. Love yourself enough to release behavior that no longer serves you and be willing to receive the joys that life has to offer. Extend that freedom outward, releasing all demands and desire to control.
When you create sacred space within your experiences, you can be a source of great kindness, compassion, grace and safety. The greatest gifts that you can give another are space and acceptance.
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