Freedom and Acceptance

“All you have to do is say ‘yes.’ Don’t make some big project out of it. Don’t make some big deal out of it. Just say ‘yes.’ You don’t even know what it is to say ‘yes’, but you say it anyway. You’ll never know what it means to say ‘yes’, but you do it anyway. Freedom and Love arise when you die into the unknown mystery of being.”
There are always two ways of experiencing the present moment – resistance or acceptance. Resistance creates anxiety and attachment to end results. The mind struggles to force the situation into a specific ideal of what is “right” and loses sight of the peace and beauty available Now. Even if there is success, the mind won’t see or appreciate it because it doesn’t exactly match what was expected. When there is nothing to fight, the mind will create something to fight against.
Acceptance allows existence to work through you. It opens the possibility of living a vibrant life filled with ease and grace. Be a conduit for divine energy. In order to keep the flow of energy pure, we must get out of our own way knowing that we cannot see the entire picture. Yes, this calls upon us to cultivate faith and operate from a higher level of consciousness. If you are willing to open to it, love is available to you Now.
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