Soul expressed love

As long as there is one person you can’t forgive, there is work to be done.

“Real love comes not from trying to solve our neediness by depending on another, but by developing our own inner richness and maturity.”

Allow yourself to be receptive and open to the infinite joy of the Universe. Quieting the mind creates a delicate experience that is unique and connects you to the heart. From there, you can move into the world, taking a sense of inner harmony and peacefulness.

The higher your state of consciousness, the simpler life becomes. Many enlightened beings are considered simple and childlike. They have released attachment and choose instead to love what is. This creates an unshakeable harmony with life, with oneself and with the Divine.

Know that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Seek the stillness within the present moment and choose to bring that harmony and empowerment into your life experience. The stronger the person, the easier it is to move into surrender and acceptance. Recognize the love that resides at the core of everything.
Today my intention is to enter the realm of infinite potential.  
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