Soul Dance

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
~Carl Jung~

Movement is a powerful way to achieve balance. Should you find that your thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns do not currently support your walk on the path of transformation, see if you can create a flow by using conscious movement.

It’s important to break up your routine and try something different from time to time. As we grow spiritually, we often feel that we outgrow things that have worked for us in the past – it’s not that the tools have become less effective, it’s typically that we’ve lost the awe and wonder of exploration which initially opened us to their ability to connect us to the Divine.

You might choose to take a walk to a new place, change how your approach your day, do some conscious movement such as Tai Chi or Yoga or speak with someone different while fully present. Each conscious action offers an opportunity to break free from stagnation and enter a new vibration. Then, when you return to the aspects of your growth and spiritual walk that have served you so well, you bring a vibrant and authentic connection. Each of us controls our own journey. You have more power and knowledge than you think.

Quiet the mind today. Visualize or imagine a violet light flowing through your crown chakra like an endless river of love. Ask simply that you become more open to joyful, fulfilling and empowering life experiences and choose to see the sacred in everyone and everything.

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