Life’s Blueprint

“Feed your spirit.
Nourish your soul.
Embrace yourself.”
~Adele Leon~

You created the blueprint for this life. You chose the perfect arrangement of talents, physical presence, family members, challenges, support system and reminders that would allow your spirit to awaken at the perfect time.

That’s why many people enjoy reading their astrology or numerology charts, delve into exploration of their Dosha or the Michael Teachings… it’s amazing to see a written explanation of your deepest motivations or tendencies and realize that you are exactly whom you intended to be. From within this framework, it becomes easier to strengthen qualities that are empowering and work with (instead of against) those qualities that present themselves as challenges.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world or experience. As we release the need to try to fit into a particular mold or mindset, we discover the true beauty which comes from having an authentic, conscious and unique experience.

In this moment, I invite you to embrace yourself as perfect… You are a master in the process of awakening who focuses on small positive steps while learning to put your intuitive dreams into action on the physical plane. When in harmony, it becomes easier to receive the enlightenment from higher dimensions.

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