Soul connections

“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.”
~ Hafiz

What if that was the underlying truth inherent within every situation and relationship of your life? It is.

That’s Right! I choose to live with an open heart

In the eternal dance of awakening, the scripts may change, but the players remain the same. Have you ever had an immediate response (positive or negative) to someone upon meeting them? That typically is one soul recognizing a shared history with another.

Love is the energy that resides at the core of the relationships, dramas and stories that we experience. At times it can be hard to imagine this. When someone is excessively challenging, when you’re engaged in loss or struggle, the immediate visceral response feels much stronger than a loving soul connection, but it is there nonetheless. Time and distance, consciously releasing energetic attachment to the past and moving into forgiveness all create space and perspective. As we process the lesson and recognize our strengths, we may come to understand the roles played by those who have challenged us and have a greater appreciation for the nuances and beauty of our unique journey.

Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred. I choose to embrace the present moment with the knowledge that I am a lifetime student of love.

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