Happiness is the path

Happiness is something that you can consciously choose over and over until it is your natural response to life.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

Your thoughts create a filter through which you experience and interpret the events of your life. We live in an infinite universe, each person translating what they see based upon their level of consciousness. These perceptions can vary dramatically – someone vibrating at the level of Fear or Anger creates incredible stress and anxiety while one who vibrates at the level of Willingness or Joy creates a authentic sense of peace and stability.

You can purposely shift yourself to higher levels of consciousness by choosing happiness as often as possible. This entails observing your thoughts and selecting to focus upon those that strengthen and encourage rather than those that undermine your ability to operate from your fullest potential.

Do your best to have compassion for those who operate from the lower states of consciousness. It can be challenging to see the good that is inherent in any given situation when one is struggling with paralyzing fear or a cloak of anger. You can choose to bring a peaceful and patient kindness to the present moment rather than descending with them into the lower levels of experience.

Today my intention is to scatter seeds of joy and kindness through my thoughts, words and actions.

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