Soul Awakening

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body it its soft, close embrace.”
~Kate Chopin~
Spiritual practice is not about finding the perfect way to meditate or how to manifest the ideal mate, career, living situation or health. It’s about bringing a higher awareness to your experience.
Life is filled with contrasts. There is always something new to discover and unfamiliar corners to explore. Everything in your experience plays a part in your soul’s growth. You can spark awareness just as easily at a traffic light as you can upon a mountaintop in Nepal.
Nothing is more important than how you choose to experience the present moment. Practice kindness, patience, acceptance and notice how well you do. There will be times when you miss the mark and others when your light shines in amazing ways. That’s part of the process of awakening.
Live simply. There’s no one special you need to be. In fact, when you see yourself clearly, you’ll discover that you are a multifaceted work of art, expressing exquisite beauty just as you are. Life’s wonder and mystery is a reflection of you. Allow yourself to be amazed.
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