Sharing kindness

Share your light…
That’s Right! It gives me joy to take care of myself and others
Authentic caring allows kindness to flow throughout the Universe. To properly share your light, it’s important to be unattached to the outcome of your efforts. Be joyful simply for the satisfaction it brings.

The natural desire to be of assistance can sometimes become intertwined with ego – needing to feel needed, wanting to be seen as helpful or hoping for a particular end result. When the desire to assist comes from ego, our energy will draw in people who believe they are helpless. When you watch your motivations and consciously allow the light of the Divine to flow through you, you’ll discover the depth of your contribution to the raising the energy of our collective consciousness.

Everything – every action, lesson, interaction or delight – is simply one more path toward Wholeness. Kindness will never deplete your energy… in fact, even though you may never discover the long ranging results of your efforts,  fulfillment will be felt in your peaceful heart.
Today my intention is to welcome guests into my life with love and laughter.
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