Seeing the perfection

Consider the idea that you are right where you need to be… and always have been.

That’s right! I trust the processes of my awakening 

Acceptance, when applied to oneself, implies that everything and everyone you’ve encountered on your journey has played an integral part in the discovery of who you are. Based upon your soul age, state of consciousness and experience, you have always done the best you can – and so has everyone around you. As you have increased in wisdom, your perceptions and decisions have reflected that growth and will continue to do so.

The Divine seeks to experience life through you. All too often spiritual seekers fret that they should somehow be more evolved or empowered than they perceive themselves to be without recognizing that this is the limiting voice of ego. It can temporarily block the ability to embrace the present moment as it is.

Simply ask how you can bring the best version of yourself to any given moment. If you feel that you have missed the mark or behaved in an unconscious manner, realize that you are in the process of awakening. The ability to see oneself clearly is a powerful tool to cultivate on the path of transformation.

Today, my intention is to love conditionally, beginning with myself.

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