Seeing others

It’s surprising how often we feel betrayed by our own filters of projection.

“When we first meet people, we inevitably see them through the filters of all our associations, expectations and projections. Over time, as the filters diminish, we may feel betrayed or deceived: ‘You’re not the person you were when we first met!’ Of course they’re not – in fact, they never were. ”
~Ezra Bayda

Relationships offer opportunities to explore hidden aspects of ourselves. We act as mirrors for one another, reflecting whatever needs to be seen. Bless those who challenge you, for they are willing to risk losing your love and goodwill in order to help you discover who you are.

It often seems that the one thing that we want from another is the one thing that is hardest for them to give. This tango of desire and frustration eventually motivates us to awaken and is, in fact, the exact reason you initially attracted that energy into your life.

The best way to see through your projections is to heal the shadows within yourself. As you clear repetitive patterns, release expectations and learn to accept what is, your relationships will transform.
Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.
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