Saying “Yes” to life

Enjoy who you are and where you are. All is well.

“When I really love myself, everything in my life works.”
~ Louise Hay ~

This moment is your stepping stone to greater awareness and joy. Can you imagine? This is the moment you have longed and prepared for ever since you began your journey of awakening. It is here now… Will you say “Yes” to it?

When you look in the mirror, do you enjoy what you see? Do you recognize yourself as a vibrant, beautiful expression of the Divine? Let today be a conscious movement of kindness, appreciation and enchantment. When you recognize the sacred within yourself, you will see it reflected everywhere. Observe the impression you leave on other’s lives.

Celebrate today, don’t wait for something specific to unfold in your experience. Instead, create reasons to celebrate with your loving intention and blissful attitude. Consciously decide to view life with an open heart.

Today my intention is to love who I am and reward myself with thoughts of praise. I expect life to be safe and joyous.

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