Righteous Anger

“Only in transcendence can there be transformation. When you keep rising from where you are right now, one day you’ll be profoundly transformed.” 

To see another as an enemy is the antithesis of higher consciousness. As we awaken, the ego has to become more subtle and this is often experienced as righteous anger. When in the grip of opinion or judgment we lose sight of the love which connects us.

Many spiritual students goes through a phase where others’ unconsciousness is extremely distasteful. Moving into blame or hatred, words like “evil” or “they” get peppered throughout their vernacular. Realize that every single being on the planet comes from the same source – we are One. The only difference between us is where someone currently resides on the path of enlightenment.

There is no Other. There is only opportunity to transform through love, kindness, patience and compassion. When you can rise above and step into love, your interpretation of the world will expand. Lack of reactivity will allow you to express yourself in ways that are empowered and transformative.

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