Create Your Own Foundation

“The more conscious that a being becomes, the more he can use any occupation as a vehicle for spreading light.” 
~Ram Dass~  

Our experiences, perception and insight are an inspiration to those with whom we interact. As we grow in consciousness, we build a unique foundation that supports us no matter what unfolds. This is how the awakened soul teaches.

Whatever your spiritual truths, sprinkle them throughout every aspect of your life. The peace you discover in mediation or gratitude changes how you wait in line, interact with your family or do your work. Everything in your experience is your spiritual practice. See how consistent you can become.

Life provides opportunities to observe how we respond to our challenges and how willing we are to accept the gifts of loving kindness that surround us. Old souls thrive by being different. We cultivate our unique way of being in the world by celebrating the journey.

Find your footing. Consciousness is the foundation from which you can share your Beingness. Imagine that you are firelight flickering in the darkness. The flames of love provide comfort, warmth and authentic connection to those around you.

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