Responding consciously to life

Often, when it feels that things are falling apart, things are really falling together.

That’s Right! My souls purpose is to awaken          
Everything that unfolds conspires to assist you on your journey of spiritual awakening. Things on the physical plane are often far different than they appear and it’s important to remember that every situation fulfills a significant purpose in your life. When it feels that circumstances are spinning out of control, when change flows in unexpectedly, choose to experience the present moment with an open heart.

Fear will be the first thing to arise. Until we face our fears, we block our ability to love. Pay attention to your thoughts – they will show you the where healing is required. Eventually, the fear will diminish. Circumstances will unfold and suddenly you’ll realize how differently you respond compared to how you did in the past. The progression of consciousness can be measured by the amount of grace and ease you bring to the Now – regardless of what occurs.

Today my intention is to easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need.

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